Friday, December 28, 2007

Wildlife In Urban Areas

Yesterday, I visited our local township hall, which sits on Lake Fenton, my son and I noticed a few ducks flying around. I told him we need to go around back to see if there were any on the lake. When we get around back and look across the water, we see a pocket of geese that numbered over 100! While we were standing there, no more than a minute, we notice more ducks flying by, probably about 25 or so. I told him that they must be around the point in the cove. After leaving the township hall, we drive around the cove and see a pocket of around 300 ducks!! We hunt all season just to find a few ducks and geese, then after the middle season ends, we find hundreds of them on a lake we can't hunt. More and more these days we are seeing wildlife in areas of heavy population and less in the wild areas. Animals definately know where they are safe. Hopefull these waterfowl will stay in the surrounding area until next weekend when the late season opens back up.

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