Sunday, October 12, 2008

2nd Bowhunt of the Year

Well, I finally got back out this last week to bow hunt. It wasn't what I had anticipated, but I got out non-the-less. I took Friday off of work, since my kids had the day off of school, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get out with the oldest ones and hit the woods with the bows. Boy was I wrong.
My buddy Matt from Compass Outdoors invited Mikey and I over to his spot to hunt for a Friday morning excursion. Thursday night at work I began to feel sick! Oh no I thought, this is going to wreck my weekend! I went to bed that evening with the hopes that it would pass and I would be able to hit the woods that next morning. WRONG! I felt like junk when the alarm rang. I got Mikey up and ready to go and let Matt take him out and I went back to bed. They saw a few small bucks that morning and I saw the back of my eyelids under the covers in bed.
That afternoon I began to feel a little better so I planned to hit the woods with Mikey and try it. I didn't want my day off to be a waste. We got out around 4:30 that afternoon and made our way into the woods. He went to Matt's stand and I sat in the stand I used the last time out. It wasn't long until the mosquitos began to work their fury! I thought the frost from the previous night would have done those little suckers in! WRONG AGAIN! I tried with great fury to keep them from biting me and carrying me away. Then the neighbor began to cut small trees with his lawnmower just out of sight from where I was hunting and then there were some youths running the woods on the property behind where Mikey and I were hunting. What a miserable hunt!
As soon as the sun set, I got down and Mikey called me to check and see if I was ready. The bugs were taking him on also. I told him to meet me at the trail head and off we went.
It was a miserable hunt, but I'm glad I got out. It was the only time I made it out this weekend. My sickness got worse and I stayed home while my buddy Chuck Parr and Mikey went out for the opening two days of duck season here in Michigan. Mikey bagged a duck opening morning but nothing today. I will be looking forward to next weekend!

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