Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Duck Hunt of the Season

Well, I got out for my first duck hunt of the season this morning thanks to my son waking me up at 5:15am! I struggled out of bed and managed to get up and ready as he loaded everything up. We hit the water and went to a spot that we have hunted near before. We found an old blind that someone had knocked down, but the platform was still there so we made the best of it.
He dropped me off on shore like an old man who couldn't get to his hunting spot. I only had knee boots on and the water was too deep. I felt like I had to be carried into the blind, I guess that is a sign of getting old. I managed to hang our blind cloth on some branches and filled in the holes with cut sticks and branches while he put the decoys out. He then walked the boat around the point and anchored it so it wouldn't spook the birds.
I sat there with him waiting for first light, talking back and forth and enjoying each other's company. Then the time clicked to 7:16am! It was shooting time! It didn't take 2 minutes until we heard other hunters cut loose on some birds! We waited with anticipation hoping to see some flying our way. We waited until 8am until we finally saw some ducks flying, then they were too far away to even think about shooting. Once agian we heard the other hunters laying the lead to the waterfowl, then we saw four ducks coming our way. I hunkered down and Mikey began to call, this was it! Just as they began to get into range, the hunters at the other end of the lake cut loose again. The ducks we were waiting on flared and flew away! Man! That was our chance and now it's gone! We waited a few more minutes and finally saw some geese. Mikey worked his goose call and they started to fly our way but they never quite made it to our position. It was starting to get late and I knew we would have to pack up and head in. He had to be to school by 9:30 and it was now 8:15. I told him lets give it 5 more minutes. It wasn't a minute or two later and there they were, two ducks coming straight in for us! We got ready and then they turned in front of us, Mikey called "Take 'em". They were still a little far out, but I threw my three shots at them and he did the same. He rocked one but not well enough, and away they flew.
Well no ducks today, but at least we got some shooting in this morning and we got to spend a morning together in the duck blind. Not too bad for the first morning out.

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