Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4th Bow Hunt of the Season

I had a chance to get out last week to the place my buddy Matt has allowed me to hunt he was with me this morning. It was good to get back into the tree stand. I set up just down the fence row from Matt. As day broke I saw 18 turkeys in the field behind me. I also saw a flight of geese fly over head again this morning. I think I need to goose hunt here instead of deer hunt.

This morning I tried to use the camera mount from Elusive Wildlife Technologies. I put it on in the dark at the vehicle before we walked out. When I got to the stand to set up, I got everything put into place and reached for my bow. It was then that I realized that the camera blocked my access to the grip! I knew that this was not going to work. I immediately took it off and put the camera away. I will have to do some work on this to try and figure out a way to make it work.

No deer today, Matt saw three doe this morning. I have yet to see a deer on the property. I know they are there though. We walked the far property line after the morning hunt and found three new rubs. They were definetly fresh rubs. I guess that is why they call it hunting, you have to hunt them, they just don't come walking by on a regualr basis. I guess I will have to keep saying "Next Time".

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