Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deer Season Day Two

Well another morning is upon us and it is time to get up and hit the woods. 5am is here and breakfast is ready! Everyone gobbles down the food and very little talking is going on this morning. Everyone is serious and down to business today, with only one deer taken I think everyone is in a hurry to get out early today.

We get our stuff together and head out about a half hour earlier than yesterday. I once again took the camera with me and set down in the swamp blind hoping to see some movement. Mikey set back up in the same blind as the morning before and my dad went to a different field to hunt this morning hoping to change his luck.

View Out of Swamp Blind

I for one didn't have any luck this morning. All I saw was the typical squirrel fight that I watched the previous evening! They once again fought over the little area they were feeding in and gathering their winter supplies! I did see some movement way out in the distance in a small opening through some brush. I kept trying to see with my binoculars what it was and finally I spotted the movement. It was three turkeys sitting on a log, every now and then they would ruffle their feathers and that is what was catching my eye. I had high hopes of seeing something this morning since the weather had changed. It was cold and there was a trace amount of snow on the ground that had fallen during the night. It was really cloudy and the wind was pretty calm out. These conditions should have provided some movement by the deer, but I didn't see any!

Mikey saw a few deer filtering through his field that morning, but no shooters. My dad on the other hand was lucky enough to see a nice seven point buck and took it. He was actually catching a quick nap around 7:30am and woke up to see this buck on the move across the field he was hunting. He grunted at him to get the buck to stop for a split second, as he did he brought his gun up to shoot and the scope lense was fogged up. The buck was on the move again, he wiped the lense off and grunted one more time at him. The buck stopped broad side at about 75 yards, BOOM! Over he went!

Dad's 7 Point Buck!

This was the second buck taken out of the 14 hunters we had in the woods this weekend. We did have another buck taken later that morning by one of our guys, it was another six point. One of the ladies hunting with us threw a shot at a BIG boy, she said it was at least an eight point maybe bigger, but she missed it. So we now had three bucks on the pole. Things were starting to look better.

Camp Buck Pole

After we brought my dad's buck back in and hung it on the pole it was time for a quick lunch and then it was back to the woods for the evening hunt. Mikey and I now had the chance to take one more buck on my dads membership, they are allowed two a year per the club rules. We wanted to get in early since this was going to be our last hunt for the weekend, work and school were calling us home.

We got in the woods around 1:15pm and I set Mikey up in a new field and raised blind. It was near where my dad shot his deer earlier in the day. I set up in the blind my dad hunted that morning hoping another big buck would step out. It wasn't 15 minutes after I got into the blind until I saw movement behind me. It was a small spike horn buck working his way towardst the field, as I turned around I noticed a nice doe browsing the edge of the field off to my right. They both browsed around for a while and then casually walked out of sight.

I was starting to get chilled somewhat so I lit my heater to try to stay somewhat warm, the temperature was dropping and it was already cold out. It was about 3:30pm and all of a sudden the deer started coming out of the woodwork! There were three groups of does with their young ones with them that started to browse the field. All three groups came from different directions, I had eleven deer in front of me. A couple of them came within 10 yards of the ground blind I was in. They never knew I was there.

A Few Does In Front Of Me

Around 4pm or so, it began to snow extremely hard. The flakes were the size of half dollars and it was almost a white out! The deer didn't seem to mind at all, they just kept browsing around. It was almost like they knew the snow was coming and they needed to feed before the storm hit, although it wasn't much of a storm it quit after about a half hour or so but it made everything white!

A Little Snow On Day Two

They hung around for a good while, then around 5:30pm they had left but there were a few other does that came in when all of a sudden in the dim light I could see a huge bodied deer step onto the playing field! I could see the shimmer of horns in the low light! OH BOY here we go, I'm thinking to myself. I grab my binoculars to get a good look at him, but it was only a spike horn, but he was a huge spike with long tines! He commanded the field as soon as he hit it. He ran every doe out of that field, he wanted no other deer near him! I was thinking to myself, ok you bully, I hope a big boy steps out to kick your butt! Then I would have a chance to shoot one. No luck though he was the last deer I would see that evening. I saw 17 deer that evening, not a bad afternoon in the woods.

I think Mikey saw 11 different deer from his stand that evening. We did have another buck taken that evening. The lady who missed the big deer earlier that morning shot a huge eight point buck in the same stand that evening. So after two days and 14 hunters we had four bucks on the buck pole. It was a little slow for the first two days, but at least we got to hit the woods and have some fun. I'm hoping to get back out here locally this week to see what I can find. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us.

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