Monday, April 28, 2008

Ohio Turkey Hunting Trip Day One

Well the big day finally comes and we get the final things we need packed so we can head out of town. I picked up both the boys from school around noon and got them loaded up for the big trip. After kissing the wife and girls bye, we headed south, the three amigos, three musketeers, or three stooges, I don’t know which, but we were headed south! A trip south on US 23 wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Cabela’s. Yes we did stop and purchase a couple of things we needed. Jake needed a pair of new boots, since his old hunting boots were getting small and he also needed a face cover for the big turkey hunt. Michael didn’t need anything, but of course he had to have a new turkey box call. He bought the Primos double box cutter, his money not mine, and also a new slick stick for conditioning the slate calls and also has a holder for chalk for the box calls. On our way out I noticed at the sales counter that they sold licenses and thought since we were only 17 miles from Ohio, they might sell them for Ohio. Sure enough they did, this is a nice service to have for people heading to Ohio for a fishing or hunting trip, you can get your license on the way down to the state.
The only problem we had getting to our meeting place where we were supposed to meet my brother-in-law, was the traffic in Columbus. It was horrible, we drove a mile and a half in 20 minutes. Other than that it went just fine. Later that evening, when we got near the state forest land, you could smell wild onions in the air, someone must have just cut their yard. It reminded me of my grandparent’s home down in Alabama in the spring! The smell of those wild onions brought back a lot of memories as a kid! Hopefully this trip will make many memories for my two boys.
We pulled into the camp site around 8:30pm and went to work right away setting up the new truck tent. Michael and I had it up in less than ten minutes! After setting up camp we got busy cooking hamburgers on the camp stove for supper. We all ate pretty well and the boys thought cooking at camp was the coolest thing ever. It was now about 10pm so it was time to hit the hay and get some rest for the big hunt the next morning. Jake woke up around 12:30 am and wanted to know how much longer it was to hunting time! I guess he is excited to get out for his first hunt.

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