Monday, May 26, 2008

Can't Turkey Hunt, Kids Want To Fish!

We took the day off from turkey hunting this Sunday, due to the fact that all four kids wanted to go fishing for the day. What can I say, I would rather spend time with my kids doing something they want to, instead of sitting in the field watching birds.
Don't get me wrong I love to turkey hunt, but this was the kids day and tomorrow is the Holiday so I will get to go back out in the morning.
We got everyone and everything loaded up and headed to Seven Lakes State Park for the day. We hooked Michael's boat up to take along with the canoe strapped to the top of his boat. That was quite the site, we were the fishing version of the Beverly Hillbillies! We also met a good friend of ours at the park, Chuck Parr and his family. I took the boat out with the girls and wetted a few hooks with no luck. My youngest daughter Madalyn caught the first fish of the day, then Michael and Mackenzie each caught one. Jacob and myself were the only two from our bunch who didn't catch anything.
There were a lot of people at the park fishing that afternoon, and I saw only one keeper caught the whole day. It didn't really matter because the kids along with Chuck's kids had a great time out at the park and on the water.
Our big excitement for the day was that we saw a kayaker flip over and he couldn't get his rig turned upright. He was being pulled in by his partner while he was in the water and it was cold. So Chuck and I jumped into the boat and headed out to help. He didn't want a ride but asked if we could pull in his boat. We got it flipped back over and tied a rope to it and pulled it to shore. He was pretty cold it looked like, but thankful.
To my surprise, Chuck and his family brought me a small gift for some tickets to a theme park I give him a while back. They brought me an alligator head and a book called Elmer Keith's Big Game Hunting. It looks to be a great read, and the gator head will go nicely on my office desk! Thanks Guys!!!

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Tom Sorenson said...

Sounds like some great memories!