Monday, May 26, 2008

Michigan Turkey Hunt Day 4, Memorial Day

This morning I thought we were going to have to stay home. I was really windy with showers moving in. Michael stayed up too late and didn't go, so it was Mackenzie and me this morning. Our first time out with just the two of us.
We got our Micky D's breakfast and hit the highway. About 4 miles down the road it started to blow really hard and rain heavily. We also saw lightning in the distance. I gave Kevin a call to see if it was raining at his house. It was calm and wet only, so we kept on heading down. Good thing we did, it was nice this morning, but a little windy. I set up at the far end of the field we have been hunting, almost where I saw the birds on Saturday morning. We sat for 3 1/2 hours with not a sound, not a bird. Nothing. Kevin did notice that someone walked in near where I was set up, he could see the guy walking in behind the area where I was set up. Around 9am I told Mackenzie that we needed to get packed up to go, and as I did I heard a dog coming into the field. Sure enough a guy was walking two yellow labs and came right in on us in the open field. He didn't notice the decoys in the open, but he stopped his dogs when he saw my blind. I told him that we were heading out so don't bother leaving. I wouldn't have been so nice had there been a bird scared off of us!
One nice thing we saw this morning was, as we approached the last curve before the parking area, I noticed a deer on the side of the road. As we made the curve it bounded into the woods, then on the side of the road was a new born fawn all spotted up. It couldn't have been more than a couple of days old. I don't think I have ever seen a deer so small. Of course Kevin's daughter and Mackenzie at the same time said, awwwwww how cuuuute! Give me a break girls, that is dinner in a couple of years!!!!
After our hunt we did our usual drive and call at nearby fields. We saw what we thought was a turkey in one field, and upon further looking found it was a Montana Decoy Gobbler! We kept on driving, trying not to mess up the guys hunt! Luckily we had to use binoculars to see it, so hopefully we didn't mess up his set up. We drove by another field which was private, and I saw something that looked like a turkey, so we stopped. I grabbed the glasses again and sure enough it was a huge boss Tom strutting in the field. He put on a show for us for about five minutest or so. We all got turns at watching him work the ladies. Now if only I could find a way to get to that bird and stay on public land!
We have next Saturday to try and fill our tags, that is the last day of turkey season here in Michigan. I won't be able to get out this week so Saturday will be a do or die day for Kevin, Me, and the Kids!

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