Saturday, September 27, 2008

Colorado Adventure Day 6

Day six was somewhat disappointing, it was cold and overcast for the morning hunt. We got up and around as usual, then I headed out for my stand. Kevin headed for the stand on the hill, which is lower than the one he hunted the previous night.
I was heading to my spot on the ATV when I saw a deer in the headlights. It was a small doe standing in the two track, she didn’t seemed to be too startled and just wandered off out of my way. I got to the parking spot and headed for the creek. It was somewhat of a tough go this morning since the moon didn’t give off much light with all the clouds hanging in the air. I managed to make it across and head to the blind. I got set up and began the long wait to see deer. Around 7am I heard a pack of coyotes sound off. They were pretty loud and it seemed as if they were near where Kevin was set up. Then again around 8am I heard them again, but this time they seemed as if they were behind me somewhat. It was either another pack or the same pack had moved.
I waited until around 9am before heading back to camp. There was absolutely nothing moving this morning. It was cold and windy so I decided to head back in. As I approached the cabin, I noticed an eagle sitting in a dead tree next to the creek. I thought I might get to the cabin and break out the video camera to take some video of him, but he flew off just as I got to the cabin. So much for that! Kevin is still out in the field so hopefully he is seeing some movement this morning.
I watched the weather report for the next two days and it doesn’t look good. It looks as if rain is moving in, hopefully it will move through quickly or not at all. I guess we will have to wait and see.
Kevin just made it back in and once again saw nothing. I was hoping that he was seeing something since he came back in late. We got some lunch and took it easy for the afternoon.

Storm Moving In

Later on it was looking cloudy off in the distance and we decided to take another ATV ride down the road the opposite way as yesterday. After about a half hour ride it was looking really dark in the distance and there was lightning off in the distance, so we turned and headed back to camp. Within 5 minutes of getting back it began to pour out, then it began to hail and blow! Man am I glad we came back when we did.

Rain & Hail Storm

After about 20 minutes it quite hailing and the rain stopped a while later. We took the quads down to the creek to feed the fish and check to see how much the water had risen since both of us had to cross the creek to get to our hunting spots. The water level was up already a couple of inches and the wether looked to be getting bad again. We decided to hang it up for the day and stay at camp. There was too much rain, lightning, and rising water levels. We will try to hit it again in the morning.

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