Thursday, September 25, 2008

Colorado Adventure Day One

We got away this morning at around 7:45am after packing the trailer full of hunting goodies. Kevin and I headed north to pick up the ATV’s to use in Colorado. This would cost us about 6 hours on the road that we would have otherwise put to good use heading west.

Our Hunting Lodge In Michigan Where We Got The ATV

We really hope that we NEED the ATV’s, if not it was a waste of time. That is all part of it though.
It wasn’t 30 minutes into the trip and it began to rain. We drove 165 miles north to pick up my machine and it rained all the way there. When we began to load it into the trailer it quite raining for about 15 minutes then it began to pour again. We drove west about an hour to pick up Kevin’s machine, it quite raining while we loaded his also, then it began to rain again.
We needed to stop and pick up a few hunting supplies at a hunting outfitters store nearby, so we combined that stop with some lunch. After that we were on our way to Colorado!!! After 545 miles of driving we finally made it out of the state of Michigan and it rained all the way. During the lighter showers we managed to see a few deer and turkey along the way. In one cut corn field we saw what must have been over 100 geese feeding on the spilled harvest. Little Mike would have went nuts!
We finally rolled through the south side of Chicago just after dark in the pouring rain. As I write this part of the blog we are about 90 miles from Iowa and it finally stopped raining after about 650 miles! What a relief. We did see an accident just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It looked like a guy in a pickup lost control in the pouring rain and flipped his rig over in the median.

A Truck Flipped Over In The Rain

We also got detoured in Indiana due to the freeway being shut down due to the road being flooded. It doesn’t surprise me with all the rain. Did I mention it was RAINING!
Kevin has just opened a bag of what he calls beef jerky but it smells like crap! I don’t know how he can eat it! We have been somewhat surprised by the price of gas. With hurricane Ike coming ashore last night, the price of gas jumped at home over 30 cents! I was worried that we would see gas at $5 a gallon, but we have only seen it as high as $4.29 a gallon. We just bought it in Illinois for $3.99 a gallon, but diesel fuel is cheaper here than gasoline. It is just the opposite in Michigan. So we have finally driven out of the rain and everything seems to be going well so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Davenport, Iowa here we come!

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