Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Duck Hunting Spot!

We spent the day on the road heading north to take care of the new truck tent I recently purchased. We had to head to Cadillac Michigan so we decided to make a stop at our 40 acres that we rarely get to. When little Mike and I got there, we ran into 3 trees that were across the two track so we had to walk in. Upon arrival we checked out the camper and all was dry and well with it since last year. We then made our way over to the 5 acre pond, which is actually a spring fed stream head, and it was then we heard and noticed all kinds of ducks and geese. We must have seen over 3o ducks in less than 1o minutes.
Well I now know where we are going to be for opening day of waterfowl season this year. We also saw some coyote scat along with a lot of deer sign. Things are starting to look promising for this piece of land.
We then had to make a stop by Jay's of Clare on our way home. A trip north is not a trip with out a stop at one of the bigger outdoor stores in mid Michigan. It may have been rainy and snowy, but it was a good trip and it provided a new place to waterfowl hunt.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have got a little honey hole there. Let us know how you did once your opener happens!

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John said...

Nothing beats pre-season scouting!

A. J. Jayjack said...

30 ducks in ten minute.... yummmm sounds great!

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Nick said...

Sounds like you all up north have a ton of birds year round?!
How was your nest success this year, do you all have a few extra birds to send down south???