Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bushnell Scope

Bushnell Banner Dawn to Dusk 3x9, 40mm Scope

Well this week we took my Marlin 925 Bolt Action .22 Magnum to Williams Gun Sight ,which is one of our local gun dealers, to sight in the new Bushnell scope. We first had to re-mount the scope, because we decided to try to put it on ourselves and it was not perfectly parallel to the rifle barrel. That was a pain in the rear! Then when we took the bolt out to boresight it, it was to tight to put it back in! I dont know how we managed to get it out, so we had to take off the rear sight and re-mount the scope again. After about 5 minutes of work, Kevin (their gunsmith) boresighted it for me (the coolest way I have ever seen it done before, will post more on this later). After getting that out of our path, we fired three rounds at the 25 yard target, made a couple of adjustments and got it dead on, then we moved up to the 50 yard target, two more shots and an adjustment, also dead on. At the 100 yard range, one shot and we have it dead on, it only took us six shots to sight in the new scope. This rifle will make a good varmint hunter out of me and a good marksman too, the Banner has impressed me with how clear the vision is. The only thing I don't like that much is, that it rides up to close to the bolt, but over all it's a good buy!!! Thanks to Bob Rich from The Bob Rich Shooting Journal for all the information you gave me about this Bad Boy!!!

By: Little Mike

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