Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hunting and Fishing Expo

Well, today I took the kids to the Hunting and Fishing Expo up the freeway. We had a great time and spent a little money. I found way too many things I wanted and even more that I thought I needed. There was the typical outfitters trying to get you to book a hunting or fishing trip along with the junk dealers. I did see a couple of neat things. First I saw a dealer there with a truck tent camper. It was one of those new tents that attatch right to the bed of the pickup. It was reasonably priced at $210 for my truck bed. I'm considering buying one for my April turkey hunting trip in Ohio. I also found a booth that had a U-V killer for your hunting clothes. I talked to this guy at a turkey seminar last year about the stuff and did some research on-line about it. I wanted to buy some but just never got around to it. At the booth this year he had a tent set up with a black light to show the before and after effect of the U-V killer treatment. It was a pretty good demonstration to show the effects. I'm usually skeptical of these things, but I have checked it out for sometime now and finally bought some. I will hopefully be doing an interview on the PODCAST with these guys soon. The link to their site is They also had some scent killer or Odor Oxidizer, I'm going to try this also. Field test forthcoming. The last thing I want to discuss is a group that was there helping kids get access to hunting. Their group is called Helping Young Hunters Inc. Their website is This is a non-profit group that is getting access and equipment for kids that otherwise can't. I talked with these people for a while and will be doing an interview with them also for an upcoming PODCAST. If you would like more information on these items email me and I will try to help. Shoot Straight and Be Safe! Mike Adams

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