Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ice Fishing

It has been a slow week here in Michigan. We were going to get out and coyote hunt last night but the clouds moved in and messed that idea up. I did get out and hunt them in the middle of the week. Check out my other blog at to read about it. We were going to get to Ohio this weekend to do some scouting for turkey season, but a snow and ice storm messed that up, so we decided to go ice fishing today out on Lake Minnewanna and Lake Nepessing both in Lapeer County. We didn't do too well. We caught a few small blue gill and a couple of small perch that we used as bait fish for our tip ups. That was it! No one on the lake was catching anything, but the weather was beautiful out. Warm, sunny, and clear. I did manage to loose my bait twice to the same fish that I never caught! I played with that fish for a 1/2 hour with no luck. Michael thought he could do better and it stripped his bait also. So much for him thinking he could outdo me! HA. A lot of our outings now consist of him trying to outdo me! It must be a kid thing. Of course he only wins when I let him, which is NEVER! LOL One cool thing we saw was an ice boat. Shown in the picture to the left, the boat was zipping around the lake for a couple of hours. Mackenzie also saw a vehicle on the ice for the first time. She thought that was neat to see a van on driving out on the ice. I was also impressed with her baiting her own hook with a wax worm and later with a minnow. She is becoming quite the outdoors-women.

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