Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coffee For A Gun?

Would you ever trade a gun for a pound of coffee? Well, I ran into a gentleman today at the shooting range who had a unique story and gun. He obtained the pistol from the father of a friend of his. The dad obtained this pistol while serving in the Merchant Marines during WWII in Germany. He traded another person a pound of coffee for the pistol! I asked the guy at the range, "man, coffee must have been at a premium back then"? Anyway the pistol is a .25 cal. Spanish made "Kaba Spezial". He found out that it was made somewhere between 1920 and 1937. When he first obtained the pistol, it wouldn't fire, he thought it was missing the firing pin. Come to find out, the WWII Veteran he got it from put the firing pin in backwards the last time he tore it down to clean it. This little pistol made quite a pop when he fired it. It is nice to see something with such a unique story behind it and see it in action. He asked me to post the story and info to see if anyone might know more about this gun. If you do, please email me with any info you might have. View my profile for my email address.

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