Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poaching Sucks!

Well, today we started off on a great note, only to be totally disgusted. While crusing to one of our favorite hunting spots, I noticed a truck driving up ahead of us on the dirt road. It pulled over quickly and then it drove off as I approached the same spot. I noticed 3 deer carcases in the ditch. They were recently killed and stripped of the hind legs and back straps. Little Mike was really upset about it. What a waste and what complete idiots. People driving by can see this in plain site, and it gives all of us hunters a bad name. As we kept driving we noticed that the same truck had pulled over on the side of the road. As we drove by the guy in the truck looked away from us and never got out. Michael and I both thought this was strange. We went to pick up our friend Kevin and later returned to the area, so I could show him the deer someone dumped. As we drove by the spot where the truck had been, I noticed 4 more dead deer on the side of the road, one was a yearling doe with only the backstraps taken! What a complete jerk. I knew something was up with that guy. I wish I would have taken down his plate number and turned him in. Poachers Suck, and that's that!!! They are not hunters and do not confuse the two. This was a bad reminder to us all in what was otherwise an awesome day out in the woods.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't get his plate number. These guys are worse than anti-hunters, because they give the antis ammo against us. Unfortunately, many of the non-hunting public do not differentiate between hunters and poachers. It's up to us to inform them that poachers are not hunters any more than drug dealers are pharmacists.