Friday, January 11, 2008

Sean Jablonski's Sail Fish

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow media member who works out in L.A. He was in town to catch up with his friend that happened to work where I do. His name is Sean Jablonski, formerly from Michigan. I heard about this big fish he caught, so I asked my co-worker about it and thought I would share the big fish story with you. By the way it is a Sail Fish, I thought it looked cool so here is how it went down in Sean's words. "Far as the fish goes, I caught it about 2 hours outside of Puerta Vallerta on a charter boat. We were angling for Marlin and hooked that on a live bait lure (don’t ask me what fish we used, I never asked myself). The captain estimated it about about 6 1/2 to 7 feet and weighing about 70 pounds. It took me twenty minutes to bring in by myself. Two deck hands helped bring it onto the boat." Now that is the way to spend a vacation.

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