Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mindy's Rossi Gun Review!

As you know I gear my podcast, weblog and website towards getting youth involved in the outdoors and hunting. Well a good friend of mine recently told me that his 11 year old daughter loved to write, and loved to hunt and fish. She recently got a new combo Rossi 20 gauge/.22 caliber gun, and this is HER review of it. By the way this is her layout also. I think she knows more about page layout than I do! I hope you will see more of her writings here on the blog. If anyone has anything interesting, stories, reviews, etc... feel free to email them to me and I might put them on the blog or even on the podcast! Now to Mindy's review!

The Rossi Youth Single-Shot

This gun was really fun to shoot when it was set up with the 22-caliber barrel. I shot it well and it gave no kick. But when my dad put in the 20-gauge barrel, I thought okay… he said it would give a small kick, but he also put on an extra recoil pad. So I then shot it and it hurt, badly! Not only did it give a hard kick, but it also turned my shoulder red! So then my dad shot it and he said “Ow!” Well actually he said something that I can’t repeat. So then he said “Sorry, it’s a light gun, I didn’t know it would give that big of a kick.”

Up Sides About The Rossi Youth Single-Shot
Some up sides about this gun are that it’s fun to shoot and an inexpensive,
easy starter gun for a new shooter.
If you don’t like guns with a kick then,
The Rossi Youth Single-Shot 22-caliber barrel is a gun for you.

Down sides about the
Rossi Youth Single-Shot
Some down sides about this gun are…
When shooting the 20 ga. no matter how thick of a recoil pad you
have, it probably will still give a big kick to your shoulder.
For hunting, it’s just a single-shot.
You can get the same gun in larger size caliber, which would hurt even more!

Why the 20-gauge barrel gave such a kick
It gave such a hard kick because the gun is plastic, so there was nothing to absorb the recoil,
so it went straight to my shoulder.


Theron said...

Good information.....good to know these things before I get one for my 4 year old!!!!

Anonymous said...

Low recoil 20-gauge shells might help!?