Saturday, January 19, 2008

Private Land With Public Access

Today we decided to go out with our new hunting friend Chuck Willis. He had recently scouted an area that was close to home and thought it might hold some small game. It was one of those private land with public access deals, I've always wanted to check one of these places out to see what they are all about. Basically you go to the property and report in, either to the property owner or in this case it was a sign in box. You sign in with your hunting party and take a card with you which is your permission slip to hunt the property, after your done hunting you place the card back in the box and report the game you took.

Today unfortunately we had none to report!

After, we got bundled and I do mean bundled up (it was 10 degrees and an occasional 20 m.p.h. wind gust) we headed out and stomped the first field with no luck. I know that there were rabbits there, it was great habitat. Next, we headed for the woods. There were fresh squirrel tracks everywhere, and nests in every other tree. Michael was walking the fringe of the woods next to the property line. He saw 4 squirrels on the other side of the fence! I think they knew they were safe, the rest of them must have been holed up in their nests. We then made our way back to the truck to warm up a bit. Lastly, we hit another big field and walked a fence row to try to flush some rabbits with no luck. I think it was just too cold and windy. We saw a lot of deer tracks along with the squirrel tracks and a few rabbit tracks. The place must hold wild game, we just didn't see it today. I will definitely be back. The private land with public access is a great idea, just remember to clean up after yourselves when you leave. Actually leave it better than you found it.

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adak1974 said...

I've discovered that if it's too cold for me to be out there, it's too cold for the small game as well. Though I know that, I usually end up going out anyway hoping that I find a squirrel wandering around that is as crazy as I am. You'll get'm next time Mike. I really want to see one of those black squirrels!